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Hazhir Teimourian, is well placed to present this work.  A trained philosopher and a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, he was educated in classical Persian and Arabic in Kurdish western Iran and was, for almost 40 years a commentator for a host of Western newspapers and broadcasters, from The Times in London to CBS News in New York, on international affairs and Middle Eastern history. In this biography, he has brought together his love of literature and his expereince of high politics.  In 1998, when he broadcast a series of autobiographical talks on BBC Radio 4, the Financial Times devoted an article to them to show that “fact can be more powerful than fiction”. The Times described him as “a natural  broadcaster, if ever there was one”. His Master’s thesis in philosophy, obtianed under Sir Roger Scruton, is on the subject of The Irresolvability of the Mystery of Being, a theme that is at the heart of Khayyam’s poems. His last book, The Consolations of Autumn: Sages in Hard Times, was published, also by Peach Publishing, in 2015. Sarah Montague, the presenter on Radio 4’s august Today Progamme, said of it: “I was planning to read it at a later time, but I keep dipping into it and not wanting to re-emerge”.